Policy & Procedure Manual of Thamesbay


1-  Objectives of PPMT:

This Policy & Procedure Manual clearly explains the rights and obligations between Thamesbay Marketing LLP (the ‘Company’) and it’s Distributors. The Policy & Procedure Manual, the Application Form, Contract / E contract that is accepted by the company and the Thamesbay Business Plan together govern the total contractual relationship between the Company and its Distributors


2-  Meanings and Definitions:

·      “Customer” is a person who purchases any product from the website www.thamesbay.com on MRP, or from Authorised outlets.

·       requirement and agrees to work with Thamesbay by accepting Thamesbay Terms & Conditions, Policy, Procedures and the Business plan.

·      “Direct Seller” means a person appointed or authorized, directly or indirectly, by a Direct Selling Entity through a legally enforceable written contract to undertake direct selling business on principal to principal basis.

·      “Agreement” means the duly filled Application Form, Contract / E contract along with the Terms & Conditions mentioned on the company website (www.thamesbay.com) that was agreed by a Distributor and subsequently accepted by the Company.

·      “Company” means Thamesbay Marketing LLP also referred as Thamesbay, which is a company incorporated under Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008 and having its corporate office at  40/2870 A, Chandrika Building, 1st Floor, Pipe Line Road, Palarivattom, Ernakulam Kerala, 682024


·      “Website” means the official website of the company, That is www.thamesbay.com


·      “Prospect” means a person to whom an offer or a proposal is made by the Existing Thamesbay   Distributor to know more about a Direct Selling Opportunity.


·       “Introducer” means a Distributor who introduces Retail Customers or other   Distributors by helping them / training them to become   Distributors of Thamesbay Marketing LLP.


·      “Thamesbay Business Plan” means the Thamesbay Compensation Plan. It is the system followed by Thamesbay Marketing LLP to compensate the Thamesbay   Distributors which illustrates the mode of sharing of Compensation, profits and commission, including financial and non-financial benefits, paid by the Thamesbay Marketing LLP to the Thamesbay   Distributor on weekly, monthly or periodic or yearly basis, as the case may be.



·      “T&C” means the Terms & Conditions as stated by Thamesbay herein.


·      “Genealogy” means the relative positioning or relationship of   Distributors in the Company’s database.


·      “Downline” means the Customer or   Distributor below a specific   Distributor respectively in the Genealogy, as the context requires.


·      “Upline” means the   Distributor above a specific   Distributor respectively in the Genealogy, as the context requires.


·       “Products” means any products the company deals with.


·      “Distributor Identification Number” means the unique identification number that the Company assigns to a Distributor when the Company accepts and identifies that person as its   Distributor. This   Distributor Identification Number may be an Alpha – Numeric figure. And the Number would be printed in an ID Card.


·      “Cooling Off” Thamesbay Business Plan allows the   Distributor to cancel their participation within a period of 30 days from the date of Contract signing and receive the goods purchased.


·      “Thamesbay Guarantee” Thamesbay Marketing LLP offers 100% guarantee to its Customers and / or   Distributors on Product Quality, and offering 30 day Buy Back and Cooling off Period.


·      “Buy Back Policy” Thamesbay provides 30 days period to their Customers and / or   Distributors to return the product, where goods need to be returned in marketable position.


·      “Grievance Cell”/ “Complaints Redressal” Thamesbay Business Plan allows the Customer /   Distributor to Register their complaints, and it would be solved through the simple process.
















3- Thamesbay Independent Distributor:

3.01 Who can become a Thamesbay Independent Distributor, and How. ?

1-     Thamesbay Independent Distributor and Distributor are used in same meaning in PPMT, T&C and Business Plan.

2-     To become a Distributor of Thamesbay Marketing LLP, the individual must be an Indian citizen. He / she must have attained the age of Maturity.

3-     The Applicant should be competent to enter into a contract as provided in the Indian Contract Act 1872.

4-     It is mandatory that the Applicant must have attained the age18 years and above. Necessary proof needed should be submitted as and when required by the Company.

5-     Prospective customers should possess a good moral character and should not have any past or present criminal records and background.

6-     People who want to purchase a Thamesbay product and wish to become a Distributor, He/ She, the applicant shall visit the company official website, www.thamesbay.com.

7-     To be a customer of Thamesbay Marketing LLP, He/ She must fill, sign and submit the Distributor Application Form along with self-attested KYC documents as required by Thamesbay Marketing LLP.

8-     Registration in Thamesbay Marketing LLP is 100% free.

9-     Thamesbay Marketing LLP reserves the right to accept or reject any application / Registration Form without having to give any explanation whatsoever.

10- Upon the receipt of Product price, the product will be dispatched and the details will be notified through the registered mobile number of the Applicant.

11- In case of non-receipt of Customer ID& Password within 4 days, applicant shall inform the same through the mail id: info@thamesbay.com

12- After receiving the required copies of ID proof, PAN card etc., of the Applicant, A Distributor’s ID card will be issued to the Applicant.

13- Thamesbay shall allot Identification number on Legitimate PAN Information if not then the stipulated Law of the land shall be applied.

14- Thamesbay allows only one distributorship for one PAN card.

15- Applicant must have carefully read the Terms & Conditions and Policy & Procedure of the company published in the website, and understood the same in his/ her own language.

16- By becoming a Thamesbay Independent distributor, the person agrees all the terms and conditions given by the company in its PPM, T&C, Website and others.

17- Prospective distributor / new distributor should undergo mandatory orientation session about direct selling and products (Usages/ Applications) of the company.



3.02 How can a Distributor Introduce a New Customer /   Distributor?

1.      Registered Distributor should carry his/her identity proof (Company issued Identity Card / Welcome Letter) and visit the prospective customer’s (Called Prospects) premises in a professional way with prior appointment / approval only.

2.      As the first stage, before sales representation, the distributor has to introduce the company by truthfully explaining the identity of Thamesbay, the nature of the goods or services sold on the website and the purpose of the solicitation

3.      Provide accurate and complete explanations and demonstrations of product we deal with, usages, prices, terms of payment, return policies, terms of guarantee, after-sales service etc. to the prospective consumer / Distributor

4.      A Distributor who introduces another Distributor(s) to Thamesbay must train the new Distributor(s) in product knowledge, effective sales techniques, the Business Plan, and the Policies and Procedures of the company.
Distributor(s) must also supervise and monitor the new Distributor(s) in their Downline Organization to ensure that they conduct business professionally and ethically, promote sales properly, and provide quality customer service.
As a Distributor progresses through the various Levels of leadership, his / her responsibilities to train and motivate Downline Distributor(s) will increase accordingly.

5.      Provide the following information to the prospect / consumers at the time of sale:

1)     Name, Address, Registration Number, Identity Proof, ID card and Mobile number of the Distributor and Direct selling entity as well.

2)     A description of products to be supplied.

3)     Details of Goods Return Policy / Buy Back Policy of the company in the details before the transaction.

4)     The Order date, the total amount to be paid by the consumer along with the bill and receipt.